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Joint Histogram of Multimodal Images Specifically CT and CBCT image?

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Slim on 14 Jun 2018
Commented: Slim on 14 Jun 2018
Hi Everyone So I have read a lot about Joint histogram between two images and most publications say if the two images are registered the joint histogram of the two images should be a diagonal line. Also most Matlab images I have seen for joint histogram of two images show a diagonal line. I have two images input image Regular CT image and target is cone beam CT image. I have already registered these two images and I want the joint histogram of the two. But I keep getting a very weird image, however when I use one image as both my input and target I get the diagonal line publications talk about. I have matched the histograms of the two images already so I expect to get good results but I do not. I have attached my results and I will be glad with any expert opinions I can get. Thanks

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Yuvaraj Venkataswamy
Yuvaraj Venkataswamy on 14 Jun 2018
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Slim on 14 Jun 2018
Thanks Yuvaraj for your help but I get the same results when I use this joint histogram function for the two registered images. When I use similar images my JH is diagonal as expected but when I use the two different modality images i get the weird looking image.

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