Why is MATLAB Live Editor so slow on my Surface Book, but not on my desktop?

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I am experiencing frustratingly slow keystokes responses using MATLAB 2018a, but only on my Microsoft Surface Book (laptop), not my desktop.
The desktop has a lowly G4400 Pentium processor and 8GB RAM, and 240GB SSD, plus an AMD RX-480 graphics card. It runs MATLAB just fine, with no obvious slow response to keystrokes when editing in the Live Editor.
The Surface uses an Intel i5-6300U processor, 8GB RAM, 240GB SSD but no discrete graphics card (driving the 3000x2000 HDI display). The keystroke response using the Live Editor is quite slow, slow enough to be frustrating and affect the way I type.
Note I am not concerned if a script takes longer to run, but I am surprised and frustrated by the tardiness of the Live Editor keystroke responses on the Surface
I have been using MATLAB for years on lowly laptops without this problem, so I suspect it's due to changes to MATLAB that's behind this problem (like the new Live Editor).
Any suggestions would be much appreciated

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Daniel Castanheira
Daniel Castanheira on 31 Aug 2018
Is your MATLAB window (Live editor window) maximized? If so try to reduce the size of the window to, for example, one fourth of the area of the monitor and check if the keystroke responses are still slow. Maybe the problem has to do with the high resolution of your Microsoft Surface Book (laptop).
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Chris Jennings
Chris Jennings on 31 Aug 2018
I tried a small "quarter" window but could not sense any difference.
Note the problem is not evident on my desktop and it has an even higher resolution of 3840 x 1600, although it does have a discrete graphics card

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Chris Jennings
Chris Jennings on 15 Sep 2019
A solution for this issue can be found here.


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