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Typing in the live editor is slow on Linux

Asked by Craig Watson on 15 Nov 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Mikhail
on 14 Oct 2019
I just installed MATLAB R2018b on Linux Mint 19. I am used to using it on Windows, where the Live Editor works great.
On Linux however, there is a very annoying latency when typing. Whether it's in a text area or code block, there is maybe ~0.25s between the time I type and when something happens on screen. I tried disabling the Datatips, which didn't help.
What's going on, and is there any way to fix this? I am running on a fast computer, so performance should not be an issue.


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Confirmed on two computers running Kubuntu 18.04 with freshly installed MATLAB R2018b. As a result of the typing latency, the live editor is nearly unusable. This is especially annoying since our university currently has a course where all the answers must be submitted as live editor files (.mlx), and no other file formats are allowed.
The latency has been confirmed on the following hardware
  • Core i7-930, GTX 760, 24 GB RAM
  • Core i7-3517U, integrated graphics, 8 GB RAM
Edit: the bug is still present in R2019a and affects Kubuntu 19.04 as well.
This is a not really helpfull comment, but "me too".
There are two painful points in MATLAB on Linux: the Help Browser, which is slow to the point of inusability (I prefer online Help) and the Live Editor (to the point that I avoid using it by all means).
Same, I hope this is solved soon. I'm on 18.04 running R2019a, and it is terribly slow.

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Answer by Mikhail
on 20 May 2019

No way!
MathWorks have fixed this in R2019a Update 2.
Not only Live Editor now works fine, but also Help Browser runs very smooth.


Fixed using Linux v5.1.16 on Ubuntu 18.04 and MATLAB R2019a update 3.
With Linux 5.2 kernel Help Browser and Live Editor work fine, too.
Linux 19.10 Kernel 5.2 Matlab R2019a update4:
the Live Script editor seems fo be much more fluid (~90% compared to the reactivity of any other typing window, like what I am currently writing). Not perfect, but at least much more usable :)

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Answer by Antonio Sala on 20 May 2019

Well, I just installed Update 2 and the problem seems still present on my Ubuntu 19.04 machine. Are you, Mikhail, on Linux?


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Answer by Viktor Marinkov on 3 May 2019

I also confirm very laggy behaviour on Matlab 2018b and Ubuntu 19.04. Has there been any workaround?


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Answer by LeChat
on 13 Aug 2019

I found a work around for Mac a couple years ago (here), by installing Matlab kernel into Jupyther. Check references therein for Linux and Windows.


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Answer by sdkfjqsdkmfj mmkjmkjml on 11 Oct 2019
Edited by sdkfjqsdkmfj mmkjmkjml on 11 Oct 2019

Same here, with Matlab R2017a under Linux Mint 19 on my Dell Laptop. This is absolutely horrible, so laggy that I cannot even use MATLAB, this worked so well under an older Linux Mint, I'm running crazy.
That's a shame, please fix ! I will not buy Matlab 2019 and install kernel 5.x (Linux Mint is stil on 4.x) just because of Mathworks devs !!
PS : any community workaround would appreciated.

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Even though Linux Mint is still on kernel 4.x, you can install a newer kernel (you need at least 5.2) using "Ukuu" utility. More info here:

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Answer by Antonio Sala on 12 Oct 2019

The problem seems to be solved in R2019b... at least it does work for me on Ubuntu 19.04 and 10.10 with that release. They didn't seem to announce it (or I am not aware of it) but the issue seems no longer present in my case.


Ubuntu 19.04 seems to have kernel 5.0, so according to the above solution, that could also be the solution in your case. One needs to try 2019b with a kernel < 5 to see if Mathworks has addressed the issue or not.
I have now rebooted into a series 4-kernel (4.15.0-65 on Ubuntu to be specific) and on this configuration, Matlab 2019b seems to solve this issue, Antonio said above. Live editor works just as on kernel version 5.
Well, so Mathworks will alllow me to move to Matlab R2019b for FREE, right, as I can no longuer use the release I b-o-u-g-h-t ?
If not, I would like a FIX for this issue, that's a f*** shame.

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