xlsread uses ''basic mode'' on windows with excel

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Kokalz on 12 Jul 2012
Answered: Xiaolong Jin on 7 Feb 2018
Hey guys! Everytime I do:
I get an error,that says:
Warning: Could not start Excel server for import, 'basic' mode will be used. Refer to HELP
XLSREAD for more information.
> In xlsread at 186
Going to line 186 in the editor and changing the string value
basicMode = true;
only gives more mistakes. Any way to fix this ,so that I don't have to use basic mode all the time.
Kokalz on 16 Jul 2012
I am using Microsoft Office Standart 2010

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Answers (4)

Nirmal on 13 Jul 2012
I think it is because you used xlsx file if you use xls you should be fine.

Kokalz on 16 Jul 2012
I tried both .xlsx and .xls, the problem still persists. The issue seems to be with the COM server that Matlab uses for Excel. I am using 32-bit Excel and 64-bit Matlab on Windows XP 64-bit PC. The bit difference is probably not the reason as this is an exe COM server not the dll one. Could someone help me out please??? It's really important!!!

Simon Woodward
Simon Woodward on 23 Sep 2014
I have the same problem. I have Matlab R2009b and Excel Professional 2010. My IT guy said it could be DLLs hanging around from old versions of Excel and confusing Office.
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 23 Sep 2014
Tell your IT guy to uninstall any old versions of Excel. Also try to upgrade your 5 year old version of MATLAB if you can. I have MATLAB R2014a and Excel 2010 and it all works fine.

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Xiaolong Jin
Xiaolong Jin on 7 Feb 2018
I solved this problem by changing the properties of Excel. Right click on Excel--select properties--click the 'compatibility'Tab--tick the 'run this program in compatibility mode for'-- select 'windows 7' or other options. Hope it works!


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