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xlsread failed - Error registering event(s), Advise failed

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Itachi on 18 Jul 2012
Commented: William Jones on 17 Aug 2016
Hi guys, I get the following error when I'm trying to read from .xlsx files. please help me out.
Error registering event(s), Advise failed
Error in registerevent>addevent (line 148)
list(m+1) = handle.listener(h, eventname, {@comeventcallback, eventhandler});
Error in registerevent (line 94)
addevent(h, event, eventhandler);
Error in xlsreadCOM (line 11)
Excel.registerevent({'WorkbookActivate', @WorkbookActivateHandler});
Error in xlsread (line 230)
[numericData, textData, rawData, customOutput] = xlsreadCOM(file, sheet, range,
Excel, customFun);

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Answers (2)

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 18 Jul 2012
Are you using an old version of MATLAB before xlsx files were around? What release do you have (the R number)? Also you need to have Excel installed to use xlsread and xlswrite - MATLAB can't read and write the files by itself. What version of Excel do you have installed?


Itachi on 8 Sep 2012
I'm using MATLAB R2012a and Excel 2010. I know that it's because MATLAB open and closes Excel every time that I use these functions. But it should not happen. I've used xlsread1 and xlswrite1 from fileexchange section and it got OK.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 8 Sep 2012
If you're using xlsread() and you already have a file open, particularly the file you're trying to open with xlsread() you'll probably get an error. Make sure Excel is closed before you call xlsread(). You might try typing control-shift-Esc to bring up the process list (in Windows) and see if perhaps Excel is a running process even though you don't see it anywhere visible on your desktop or taskbar.

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Ron Lu
Ron Lu on 10 Apr 2013
Edited: Ron Lu on 10 Apr 2013
I have the same problem as yours, Win7 with Matlab 2012a and Excel 2010. My solution is to kill all excel processes if they are not closed properly after xlsread.
Put this code after xlsread funcion call solved my problem:
[~, computer] = system('hostname');
[~, user] = system('whoami');
[~, alltask] = system(['tasklist /S ', computer, ' /U ', user]);
excelPID = regexp(alltask, 'EXCEL.EXE\s*(\d+)\s', 'tokens');
for i = 1 : length(excelPID)
killPID = cell2mat(excelPID{i});
system(['taskkill /f /pid ', killPID]);

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William Jones
William Jones on 17 Aug 2016
This is amazing, I would've never solved this problem for my excelread function. Do you have the time to explain what it does?

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