A code will prompt the user to try to guess my favourite colour and after 3 goes say 3 trials over, but i want to display a message after each incorrect attempt saying "Incorrect try again". How do I do this? (New user)

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Yusuf Azzam
Yusuf Azzam on 23 Feb 2019
Answered: Yusuf Azzam on 25 Feb 2019
This is code i have got so far:
fav = 'red' ;
str = 0 ;
count = 0 ;
while str == 0
count = count+1 ;
prompt = 'What is my favourite color? ';
str2 = input(prompt,'s') ;
if strcmpi(fav,str2)
str = 1 ;
disp('you got the color correct')
elseif count == 3
str = 1 ;
disp('three trials over')

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Brian Hart
Brian Hart on 23 Feb 2019
add the code
disp('Incorrect try again')
right before your very last end statement




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