Matlab GUI. How can i make an animated dot in a parabola in a 1 by 1 plane?

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Hi everyone, I need help to do an animated dot. but instead of a straight line, i need to do it in a parabola in a 1 by 1 plane. How can I code this?
Ariel Goya
Ariel Goya on 4 Apr 2019
i am sorry, i meant in a x and y axes plane. so far i made the dot to move in a straight line, but i need it to move in a parabola.
a = [0, 0];
b = [ 1 , 1];
% straight line function from a to b
func = @(x)b(1) + (b(1)-a(1))/(b(1)-a(1))*(x-b(1));
% determine the x values
x = linspace(a(1),b(1),800);
% determine the y values
y = func(x);
% create the figure
% get a handle to a plot graphics object
hPlot = plot(0,0,'r*');
% set the axes limits
xlim([min(a(1),b(1)) max(a(1),b(1))]);
ylim([min(a(1),b(1)) max(a(1),b(1))]);
% iterate through each point on line
for k=1:length(x)
% update the plot graphics object with the next position
% pause for 0.5 seconds

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Accepted Answer

Andreas Bernatzky
Andreas Bernatzky on 4 Apr 2019
Hey Ariel,
with a 1by1 plane you mean a simple xy plane?
Here a rough example. You should consider the command draw now.
hold on
Andreas Bernatzky
Andreas Bernatzky on 4 Apr 2019
Ploting an image with variable position I am not really familiar with this. I just used once and it worked for me. But my application had not a moving image. But I think you should be able to manipulate the image position by the Position handle of an object in a figure. Thats what I would try first.

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