How to extract the numbers of an image file into a table

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Hi, I have a table saved as filename.bmp and need to extract the values to a text file.txt. The image background is completely black and the numbers are white. The table is formed of six columns and 22 lines. There is no further characters (alphabetic or images) besides the black background and the white numbers.
I hope someone could tell me how can I do this
Thank you in advance

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 25 Aug 2012
You need an "OCR" program. Try to find one in the File Exchange. It might be helpful to get rid of the grid lines first so that you have only the numbers. Post an image to if you want more help.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 25 Aug 2012
Personally, I'd just type the numbers in by hand. Is there any reason why you want to do OCR on it? If you insist, then why not use OCR programs like Adobe Acrobat? And I'm sure there are free/open source/shareware programs that could do it in a snap. And how did these numbers get into an image in the first place? Can't you have the program that made the image file export them into a text file instead? I mean, why not make it easy on yourself? Actually it looks like you have already done that, as you showed in your other post:
As a last resort, you could make your own OCR program because these numbers are so perfectly formed and contrast nicely with the background, but it would still take more work than typing them in by hand.

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