plotting x and y data contineously

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Hello Team,
I would like to plot the data for x and y contineous
expample :
x = n * m (matrix)
where the value of n is from 0-250 and m = 0 - 1100
it means each column m the value of n is always ranging from 0 - 250
when i plot (x,y), i loose the tracking of points inside column m ( i.e what all values are present in each column)
question : is there a way to shift the column keeping the old data plotting new data as well ?
thank you
SatyaPrakash Gupta
SatyaPrakash Gupta on 2 Jan 2020
how does surf and waterfall works.
can you please do elaborate and provide an example for the same.
the link you have share does not fulfil my question

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Yuvaraj Venkataswamy
Yuvaraj Venkataswamy on 2 Jan 2020

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