matchpairs function input parameter costUnmatched

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How to choose proper value of parameter costUnmatched (matchpairs function) to get requested number of matches.
Especially in a case, when I need maximum number of possible matches min(M,N), where [M,N] = size(Cost), Cost is (M x N) matrix.
Is there at least some clue for a suitable choice of costUnmatched for given cost matrix?

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Michal on 14 Feb 2020
Edited: Michal on 14 Feb 2020
I propose the following costUnmatched input parameter estimation for given Cost matrix:
costUnmatched = max(size(Cost)) * max(Cost,[],'all')
M = matchpairs(Cost,costUnmatched)
and the following accuracy check:
CostAssigned = sum(Cost(sub2ind(size(Cost), M(:,1), M(:,2))));
CostUnassigned = costUnmatched*(sum(size(Cost))-2*size(M,1));
TotalCost = CostAssigned + CostUnassigned;
if TotalCost - CostUnassigned == 0
error('matchpairs: Input parameter costUnmatched is very high ... possible loss of accuracy');
Michal on 14 Feb 2020
Edited: Michal on 14 Feb 2020
@Steven Lord My motivattion how and why I propose to modify the matchpairs function is based only on the fact, that in a case of
TotalCost - CostUnassigned == 0
the resulting matches M are incorrect. So, from my point view, should be good idea to warn user that (in this specific case, only!!!) is something wrong. That is all.

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