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How to do model fitting to sum up two concentration in simbiology

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Dear Simbiology community,
I got confused about summing up two species concentration in simbiology.
In my dataset, I have a column named "ACRG", which represents experimental values of a biomarker. However, in my model, I have defined two species (ACRG1 and ACRG2) relevant to this biomarker. From the algebraic view, "ACRG"=Concentration of ACRG1+concentration of ACRG2.
When I do the model fitting and would like to get the model parameter estimation, how could I let the software know it should estimate the sum of those two species concentration value as the "ACRG" in my dataset?
Many thanks if someone could provide the answer in detail.

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Sietse Braakman
Sietse Braakman el 20 de Feb. de 2020
You can create a species ACRG and use a repeated assignment rule to assign the sum of ACRG1 and ACRG2 to ACRG. The repeated assignment rule will then read: ACRG = ACRG1 + ACRG2.
When you set up your fit task, you can map the data column for ACGR in your dataset to the species ACGR in your model.

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