Populate .csv with specific times and dates

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Louise Wilson
Louise Wilson on 12 Mar 2020
Commented: Bhaskar R on 12 Mar 2020
I am looking to create a spreadsheet which has values that span a time period of interest.
For example, say my data collection period is from 30 May 2019-30 June 2019, between the hours of 0600-2030 each day. I am collecting data every ten minutes.
I have figured out how to get the time to iterate between two dates and times in ten minute intervals, but how do I stop from including the times in the evening and morning of each day that I'm not interested in? After 2030 on each date, I want to skip to 0600 on the subsequent date.
t1=datetime(2019,5,30,6,0,0); %datetime 1
t2=datetime(2019,10,30,20,30,00); %datetime 2
t=t1:minutes(10):t2 %10 minutes intervals between the two times
t=t'; %transpose from one column to one row

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Bhaskar R
Bhaskar R on 12 Mar 2020
required_times = t(hour(t)>12 & hour(t)<17) % where timings between 12 to 17 hours of the data
Bhaskar R
Bhaskar R on 12 Mar 2020
required_times = t(hour(t)>6+0/60 & hour(t)<20+30/60); % need to add normalized minutes

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