Obtaining pixel value from image in GUI

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sha el 18 de Oct. de 2012
I would like to obtain a pixel value from any image using a GUI. i have made a few research. and this is all i get,
load flujet;
image (X);
colormap (jet);
I would like to read the pixel value just like the given example. Please help!

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Arthur el 18 de Oct. de 2012
You could use imtool for that if you have the image processing toolbox.

manoj saini
manoj saini el 18 de Oct. de 2012
plz type X(capital X) on command window...........all pixel value will be on front you

Image Analyst
Image Analyst el 18 de Oct. de 2012
Editada: Image Analyst el 18 de Oct. de 2012
You can call impixelinfo(), if you have the Image Processing Toolbox. This will put up a label in your figure that gives you the x,y (column, row) coordinates and the intensity value(s) of the image. Alternatively you can use ginput(1) to get a coordinate and use
grayPixelValue = imageArray(row, column);
to get the gray level in a gray scale image, or
rgbPixelValue = imageArray(row, column, :);
rgbPixelValue = impixel(imageArray, row, column); % Alternative way.
to get the red, green, and blue intensity values in an RGB image.
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst el 24 de Oct. de 2012
I don't know what that means. What do you consider to be the difference between "image" and "picture". To me, they're basically synonyms. Increasing the contrast on a picture or an image is the same thing.
sha el 24 de Oct. de 2012
Basically, i wanted my image to be like this:
using the colormap command. Any ideas?

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