[MATLAB R2020a] My legend doesn't have any lines

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I've plotted three sets of data. When I use legend, however, the text shows up but there aren't any colors. Does anyone know what's wrong? I'm using MATLAB R2020a.
hold on;
plot(t_out_B, mag_r_B-mag_r_A)
plot(t_out_C, mag_r_C-mag_r_A)
plot(t_out_D, mag_r_D-mag_r_A)
legend('Two body with J2', 'Two body with J2 and J3', 'Two body with atmospheric drag')
hold off;

Answers (2)

Star Strider
Star Strider on 21 Apr 2020
This appears to be a problem with current AMD graphics card drivers.
The easiest solution seems to be:
and then:
See the documentation on opengl for a detailed discussion.
I intend to mention this to AMD, however if you also want to, please do!

Chris Jennings
Chris Jennings on 7 May 2020
Well, it's a work around not a very good solution because it stops using the graphics card for all opengl commands.
This can result in very slow graphics, e.g. rotating in 3D becomes slow and stutters.
I will be very interested to hear if AMD is going to come out with a driver fix ...




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