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i don't understand

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doron kra
doron kra on 30 May 2020
Commented: doron kra on 31 May 2020
i was asked to write a simple function for home work :
this was my code:
function [admit]=eligible(v,q)
if (avg>=92) && (v>88) && (q>88)
and i don't understand why i got this error message :
please advise what is the problem.


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Accepted Answer

madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 30 May 2020
Replace 1 with ~0 and 0 with ~1.


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doron kra
doron kra on 31 May 2020
i didn't do it Intentionally ,i've clicked the "Accept this answer" now. maybe you should make the process more clear for new users.
Stephen Cobeldick
Stephen Cobeldick on 31 May 2020
Rather than obfuscated code using negations of numeric values, it is clearer to write true and false:, i.e.:
admit = true;
Note that you can trivially replace the entire if-else-end statement:
admit = (avg>=92) && (v>88) && (q>88);
doron kra
doron kra on 31 May 2020
Wow, this is very elegant !
thanks for showing me that :-)

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