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Error using figure First argument must be a figure object or a positive Integer

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Oscar Vobr
Oscar Vobr on 3 Jun 2020
Commented: Peter on 3 Jun 2020
Hi, I keep getting the error message "Error using figure, First argument must be a figure object or a positive Integer". I'm trying to plot vertical acceleration of a projectile with no drag, which should be easy but I keep getting the same error message. The issue seems rather simple but has been frustrating me. Here is all related code to the error that I'm having
v0 = 50; %initial speed(m/s)
theta = 25; %launch angle (degrees)
N = 250; % Number of timesteps
a = zeros(1,N);
a(1) = -9.8;
a(2) = -9.8;
Tmax = 2*v0*sind(theta)/g; %values created elsewhere in code, no issue
t = linspace(0,2.5*Tmax,N); % seconds: Time axis,
for n = 3:N
a(n) = -9.8;
figure 4


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Answers (1)

Peter on 3 Jun 2020
Figure is a function. Try:
This should activate a figure with ID number 4.


Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 3 Jun 2020
Note that figure(4) is not the same as figure 4. That is actually equivalent to figure('4') which passes a character into figure. While figure can accept some char vector inputs (pairs of parameter names and parameter values) it can't accept the char vector '4'.

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