finding the mean for large data

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FIR el 30 de Nov. de 2012
I have 3 rows ans 192 column,i want to find mean for each 9 columns in row wise,
for ex if i have rand(3,192)
taking 3x9 , i need mean in row wise so i will have 3x1 matrix after finding mean
please help
for each 3x9 i want to perform
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Jos (10584)
Jos (10584) el 30 de Nov. de 2012
192 is not divisible by 9, so what to do with the last columns?
Image Analyst
Image Analyst el 30 de Nov. de 2012
It's not "large" either. Before I read it I thought that he was talking hundreds of millions of elements, not five hundred and something. (And there is a "bug" for the case of calculating the mean for large numbers of singles)

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Andrei Bobrov
Andrei Bobrov el 30 de Nov. de 2012
Editada: Andrei Bobrov el 30 de Nov. de 2012
A = rand(3,192);
n = 9;
s = size(A);
out = squeeze(nanmean(reshape([A nan(s(1),mod(-s(2),n))],s(1),n,[]),2));
out = blockproc(A,[1 n],@(x)mean(;
k = s(2) - rem(s(2),n);
out = [squeeze(mean( reshape(A(:,1:k),s(1),[]),2 )) , mean(A(:,k+1:end),2)];

Jan el 30 de Nov. de 2012
A = rand(3, 192);
B = reshape(A(:, 1:189), 3, 9, []);
C = squeeze(mean(B, 2));


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