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Discrete FIR Filter input port

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Osman Ozkan
Osman Ozkan on 9 Sep 2020
I am trying to use a Discrete FIR Filter HDL Optimized with a signal as data input and another signal (from a lookup table) as coefficient, so I want to use the coefficient source as Input port.
In the settings the Input port is indicated as Parallel interface.
How my coefficient signal can be used in this case? How do I parallelize it?

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Bharath Venkataraman
Bharath Venkataraman on 14 Sep 2020
As you have observed, all the coefficients are to be provided at the input interface.
One way to do this would be to take each value from your lookup table, store it into a bank of registers and then pass the entire set to the FIR block.
This example shows you a way to do the above implementation.




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