Give Output of one ODE to the another ODE simultaneously

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I have the equations as follows
What I have to do is integrate and supply the output to sumlatenously at each time step as gets integrated and this must happen in a speciafic time inteval.
Is there a way to do in code?
Eg - If gets integrated from 0 to witha a constant θ and at time , the value of theta must be taken from intgrated . This must happen simultaneously.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 12 Oct 2020
Use the "Nonstiff Euler Equations" example on this documentation page as a model for your ODE function.
Alan Stevens
Alan Stevens on 12 Oct 2020
Your theta equation is independent of x, so you could integrate this separately (in fact, it has an analytical solution), then use the result in the x integration routine.

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