How to use Deep Learning Toolbox - FOR DATASET NOT IMAGES

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Matt Egan
Matt Egan on 2 Dec 2020
Answered: Swetha Polemoni on 5 Dec 2020
I am currently trying toinvestigate machine learning and deep learning to forecast the power output of a wind turbine. I have simualted data with a number of inputs and i am trying to understand to use this in the deep leanring toolbox. However, whatever network i choose it always wants an image. How do I use a dataset as my input, not an image?

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Swetha Polemoni
Swetha Polemoni on 5 Dec 2020
Hi Matt Egan,
It is my understanding that you want to know how to train a network with dataset which is not an image dataset. Here is an example that trains network with numeric features.

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