how to read the data of a hyperspectral image eg. samples,bands..etc from a header file in Matlab

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I'm trying to read a hyperspectral image of type tif in matlab

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 19 Mar 2013
There is a tiff class you might be able to use, as well as a multibandread() function that might work. Try one of those.

Rawan hamdi
Rawan hamdi on 19 Mar 2013
what tiff class?

Rawan hamdi
Rawan hamdi on 25 Mar 2013
Thank you

Cong Huynh
Cong Huynh on 14 Aug 2015
To load and save multispectral images (consisting of pairs of .hdr and .fla/.tif files), you could use the Scyllarus hyperspectral image processing toolbox. The MATLAB version of this toolbox is available for non-commercial use and can be downloaded from
The functions to look at are FLARead and FLAWrite under src/io. With these functions you can read from and write to the .fla format (ENVI-compatible), rather than any colour image format. Alternatively you can save the image to a .mat file but this option usually produces a much larger image.

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