Data input for CNN training

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I prepared the input data for CNN training using format as below:
m x 2 table
Predictors Response
__________________ ________
{224×224×3 double} 2
{224×224×3 double} 7
{224×224×3 double} 9
{224×224×3 double} 9
How can I transfer this data format into the format which trainNetwork function can accept?

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Swetha Polemoni
Swetha Polemoni on 9 Dec 2020
Hi Junjie Huang
You may find this answer helpful.
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Junjie Huang
Junjie Huang on 10 Dec 2020
Hi Swetha,
Thanks for directing me to the answer.
May I ask if I want to use the datastore related functions, e.g. "splitEachLabel", is there any way to turn the table into required datastore format, with label attribute?

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