feature extraction using Local Line Binary Patterm

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i have image with size 156x156, i want block this image to 13x13 block size. can you help me to get it using LLBP??
oza san
oza san on 6 Mar 2017
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i know LBP (local binary pattern)can be used for script identification from color images!!!but i want to identify scripts from binary image(i.e with black background and white foreground which contain texts) anyone can tell me that i can use it?!!!

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Accepted Answer

Anand on 2 Aug 2013
From what I can tell of the reference you provided, it should be easy enough to use an existing implementation of local binary patterns to get the LLBP.
The file exchange has many implementations of local binary patterns that you can use. A simple search gave these results:
If you were to pick this entry, you could use the following approach to get the LLBP:
lbpV = efficientLBP(im,[13 1], true);
lbpH = efficientLBP(im,[1 13], true);
llbp = sqrt( lbpH.^2 + lbpV.^2 );
I haven't actually tried this out, so be mindful of that. The diagram on Fig.6 from the reference is very helpful.
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Nikolay S.
Nikolay S. on 17 Mar 2015
Hi. I'm sorry but this format will not work. You must first generate appropriate shape filter.
Best regards, Nikolay

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Nikolay S.
Nikolay S. on 17 Mar 2015
Hi. You can try my lineLBP implementation: http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/50058-efficient-llbp--line-local-binary-pattern- Hope this wil do the trick. Best regards, Nikolay

Dima Lisin
Dima Lisin on 12 Dec 2015
extractLBPFeatures function was added to the Computer Vision System Toolbox in R2015b release.

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