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Is it possible to request an input file in a deployed application?

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I have a program which asks the user for an input file and other parameters in order to work, such as: file_name=input('Enter the text file with the input and the output:','s')
When I deploy the program and try to run it, it fails and says that the file is missing and won't ask for it.
Is there a solution?
Thanks in advance,

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst el 27 de Ag. de 2013
Use uigetfile() instead to guarantee that the user picks a file that actually does exist.

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Itai el 27 de Ag. de 2013
Thanks. This helped, and now I can select the file, but I don't get the other user inputs the MATLAB script is asking for, such as: vti=input('Enter input treshold level: ');
Am I missing something?

Chetan Rawal
Chetan Rawal el 3 de Sept. de 2013
The neater way to do this will be through a UI since what you really want is user interaction. See


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