Find does not work properly

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Hi guys! I use the find command but it does not return what I expect.
for i=1:9:500
d=find(Horizon{i:i+9,8} <= 2);
%if isnan(m)==0
For any value of i and then i+9 my d is always equal to: d= [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11], of course if each value verifies the condition. What I really expect is filling d with the Horizon row index. let 's say:
d=find(Horizon{440:450,8} <= 2);
d=[440, 441,445,450] assuming only 4 values verifiy the condition
Riccardo Tronconi
Riccardo Tronconi on 16 Jun 2021
In matlab is an output of another function so I have it .mat.
Instead of 20 rows in this subset are 16 but the logic behind it is the same:
  1. 1:8
  2. 9:16

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Accepted Answer

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 16 Jun 2021
Please provide a small sample of the Horizon variable from where you expected the find call to return data but it does not. My suspicion is that the elements in that section of Horizon display as 2 but the stored values are actually slightly larger than 2.
format % default display format
x = 2.000000001 % displays as 2
x = 2.0000
x <= 2 % but is not less than or equal to 2
ans = logical
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Riccardo Tronconi
Riccardo Tronconi on 16 Jun 2021
Thanks for your time. You can find a better explanation above :)

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