Operator '>=' is not supported for operands of type 'cell'

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Riccardo Tronconi
Riccardo Tronconi on 29 Jun 2021
Commented: Stephen23 on 30 Jun 2021
Hi guys I have a problem in comparing two cells.
My input cells are T{n}, where n=3
  • T{1} [mx4]
  • T{2} [nx4]
  • T {3} [k x 4]
and thor cell [sx1] (Data tipe is a datetime)
To simplify I m looking for all index of T{2} that verify the following in which I am comparing datetimes:
find((T{2}(1:end,1))>= thor(1,1) & (T{2}(1:end,1))< thor(2,1));
The problem is the operator but I guess is "1:end" because the following code worked properly..
find(T{2}{2,1}>= thor{2,1} & T{2}{2,1}< thor{3,1});
Stephen23 on 30 Jun 2021
S1 = load('thor.mat') % okay
S1 = struct with fields:
thor: {537×1 cell}
S2 = load('T.mat') % corrupt
Error using load
Unable to read MAT-file /users/mss.system.YD2TnT/T.mat. File might be corrupt.

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Answers (1)

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 29 Jun 2021
T = {[], datetime('tomorrow')}
T = 1×2 cell array
{0×0 double} {[30-Jun-2021]}
thor = {datetime('today')}
thor = 1×1 cell array
T{2} <= thor{1} % false
ans = logical
T{2} <= thor(1) % error
Comparison is not defined between datetime and cell arrays.
The next-to-last line indexes into thor using curly braces to extract the contents of the first cell, the last line indexes into thor using parentheses to extract the first cell.
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Riccardo Tronconi
Riccardo Tronconi on 29 Jun 2021
It does not work either. My T{2} in not a value but an array mx4

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