how to improve loops in matlab, especially with big variables.

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hei, i have two loops, where each point is checked how many other points are within a certain radius.
the point is, that i have a huge point cloud. 100000 xy coordinates are one of the smaller files. - this makes is run for ever.
for i = 1:k
CR=[data(i,1:2) radius];
for j=1:k
if isPointInCircle(P, CR)
Markus on 14 Sep 2013
the run and time analyses showed, that by 1000 datapoints the function isPointInCircle needs about 20 seconds, while the loops need only 6 seconds. therefore is it more essential, to find a way to avoid unnecessary comparisons.

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Answers (2)

Chetan Rawal
Chetan Rawal on 14 Sep 2013
You may want to see the vectorization link here. I tried doing the vectorization for you, but just got confused in the loops. Since you understand your program better than I do, you might be able to find a way after reading the info in this link.
Markus on 14 Sep 2013
ill try to explain the loops: loop 1 (i = 1:k), defines the point in the point cloud with a certain radius. and each point in the point cloud has to be compared to all others, whether the point is within the distance or not.
loop 2 (j = 1 : k), chooses one point (P) after another and checks whether this point lies within the radius of the first point (CR) if yes, the counter goes up.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 14 Sep 2013
Allocate the 4th column of data in advance of the loops. Then, data has 3 (or 4) columns so what do you think you're getting for CR and P when you refer to data(i,1:2)? What's the third index? Why are you not specifying it?
Markus on 14 Sep 2013
i tried this and it went faster. unfortunatly only one second. - the problem is, that i need to get rid of unnecessary loops. so that points wich are far out of range are not going to be tested again. or i need a method, to skip the points in the second loop, when they have been tested in the first loop.
Generated 14-Sep-2013 18:13:12 using cpu time.
Function Name Calls Total Time Self Time*Total Time Plot
cleanPointClouds 1 24.952 s 5.131 s
isPointInCircle 1000000 19.822 s 19.822 s

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