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Write a function to ask for given number and report whether they are between 10 and 100 or not
This is extrememly simple. function checkNumber() tmp = input('Enter a Number: '); inBetween10and100 = tmp >= 10 && ...

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how to use function as an input to other function ?
The simplest way to combine outputs into a single "variable" is to use a structure. Thus, your first function and second functio...

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Stateflow Error, "Transition paths with different parents sharing the same decision point."
Has anyone came across the error, "Transition paths with different parents sharing the same decision point." in Stateflow? It se...

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How can I debug mex files without a visual studio license?
I use Microsoft Visual c++ 2010 Express to debug c++ files that get compiled into mex functions. I believe the license is free. ...

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How to find Missing data and insert Nan
Hi Fengsen, It's hard to provide a solution without seeing how you have your data vector set-up in MATLAB, but I will try my...

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Is it possible to input an N-by-M signal (matrix) into into a State Flow Chart?
I have an N-by-M matrix that I am trying to pass as an input into a State Flow Chart, but the Model errors out when setting the ...

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