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My responsibility includes providing support for applications involving Signal Processing, HDL, FPGA particularly in MATLAB.
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How get analyzeNetwork output without a display environment (e.g. -nodesktop)?
Hi Marc, From you question it seems like you want to have the layer structure stored in a variable or displayed in a textual f...

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Classifying environmental sounds using AlexNet
Hi Ibrahim, For classification of spectrogram with alexnet, you might wish to train the last layers of alexnet according to ...

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How to vectorize this code
Hi Stephen Thompson, From your question, it seems like you want to find peaks in a 2D matrix without using a for loop For...

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How can I freeze specific weights of Neural network model?
Hi Abdelwahab, If you wish to assign those weights in the beginning and keep them as constant, you can set the ‘WeightLearn...

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