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Vijeta Singh Yadav

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I am a final year student pursuing B. Tech in Information Technology. I am well versed with C++, Java, C, MATLAB.

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i cant launch the simulink onramp in my matlab - desktop
You can check these links about starting simulink onramp link1 link2

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Getting NaN while using the ratio of power and factorial
Data overflow and underflow problem exists in the code visit this link for avoid data overflow and underflow problems.

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How to take an average of 7 rows of all the column and save into the following row and next 7 until the data finisih?
arr=readmatrix("L:\data.csv",NumHeaderLines=9) rows=size(arr,1) for idx=1:7:rows a=arr(idx:idx+6,:) avg=mean(a,1) ...

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How to know if I have license when(before) I startup Matlab
Is there a way for licenses to be monitored from the client machine instead of the server?

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Mean of an Array Containing some NAN Elements
M = mean(___,nanflag) This function will define whether to exclude or include NaN values from the computation of any previous ...

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