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How to find largest lyapunov for Mackey Glass data?
Hi dear Zahra , i just found your problem by searching in google since im trying to find the way to calculate or find the large...

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how to extract non-linear features like Lyapunov exponent or Fractal or correlation dimensions from an EEG signal?
Hi everyone, i just started preprocessing process for applying on my EEG signal in matlab, i denoised it with 50Hz notch and [0...

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Hi there, i just want to design and apply a 2s hanning window with 50% overlapp on my EEG signal in order to segment it , i've tried with @hann command but i couldn't get it
my signal is a 17-channel signal with 30721 samples totally (=17 * 30721) . i need my signal to be segmented with 2s hanning win...

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