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Daniel Baboiu

Simon Fraser University

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Professional Interests: image processing, pattern recognition


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Legendre polynomials
Fast computation of the associated Legendre polynomial

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edge detection using fourier transform
Fourier filtering methods are equivalent to spatial filtering methods (like Sobel). To get the derivatives, you have to find the...

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Bessel function solution: Mathmatical point of view
This is a problem of the quad and quadl functions. This phenomenon appears regardless of the use of quad or quadl (there are ...

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how to do polynomial division
You have two choices: 1. Use the Symbolic Math Toolbox 2. Store all coefficients as a vector (including the coefficients which...

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add a function to a model
If a function is coded as function u = f(y), then y is the argument and u is the return value. Your block of code does it the ot...

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how deal with date?
See the documentation on date conversion functions below:

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