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Mid Sweden University

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Researcher with interest in signal processing and machine learning. I have over 10 years experience using MATLAB & Simulink, and various other programming languages.

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Python, C++, C, Java, C#, PHP, Javascript, MATLAB, SQL, HTML, CSS, Arduino, Visual Basic
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How can a change the line color in an axes with an already plotted figure (MATLAB GUIDE) ?
For cases where the plots are made by a function, for example using the pwelch, one is not able to place a variable for the plot...

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How can I add the average of two consecutive numbers?
By using indexing and simple maths (y1 + y2)/2 = (y2 - y1)/2 + y1 therefore, you can do this as Area = diff(y)/2 + y(1, e...

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Random Number Generation for Parallel Computing Toolbox
One way to approach this is to generate the random numbers just before the parfor-loop. This may use for memory depending on the...

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font format in second y-axis
To label the axis in LaTeX font or style, use set(gca, 'DefaultTextInterpreter', 'Latex'); This makes all LaTeX the defa...

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3-D plot in Matlab
You can modify this function to work for you: function plotsphere(azimuth, elevation, amplitude) [X, Y, Z] = sph...

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tables remove one field
Goes through each column and deletes a column if the number of 'No' found in the column is equal to the height of the table. ...

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Create a for loop using fminsearch
If I understand your question correctly, you want to be able to run the fminsearch for each initial guess at the time time? W...

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Plot wont come up
Look out for it in an extended monitor, if you are using more than one monitor.

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How can I set a variable 0.3 > x > 0.5 for use in calculating a CDF from a PDF?
x = (0.3:0.5) would return only 0.3 because by default, the step is 1. To get numbers between the two values, use x = 0.3...

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Hii..can i get any help to write the code for the integral equation attached in file below in matlab?
Have you tried the int function? Find the documentation below: <

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how connect matlab program with Visual c++ 6.0?
1. This can be done with MEX. However, you need to have a c++ compiler installed in your system. Your C++ compiler and MATLAB en...

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generate random numbers with exact mean and std
x = mu + sigma*randn(sizeof); % for normally distributed random numbers OR x = random('normal', mu, sigma, row, column...

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Setting default Interpreter to Latex
MATLAB changed some object properties name. For this issue, the following will work set(groot, 'defaultAxesTickLabelInterpret...

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How to customize performance function in MATLAB neural network.
Greetings. I am relatively a beginner in neural network. I started off using MATLAB neural network tool until I was met with som...

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How to implement a custom performance function in R2013b
Hi Calvin, I am interested in using a custom performance function in MATLAB NNtool and I have been searching to no success. Mig...

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How to make the fft of a signal while receiving it?
I recommend you add timer to your code. Let the timer re-initiate the same process after the specified interval. t = timer('T...

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is reconstruction possible from tampered image ?
MATLAB imports images as a 3-dimensional array. Depending on image coding though. You can either replace the tampered portions w...

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