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scGEAToolbox (single-cell Gene Expression Analysis Toolbox)
Single-cell Gene Expression Analysis Toolbox

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Replace the first row of the matrix with zeros.
A(1, :) = 0

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Angle between Two Vectors
The dot product relationship, a dot b = | a | | b | cos(theta), can be used to determine the acute angle between vector a and ve...

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What is the distance from point P(x,y) to the line Ax + By + C = 0?
Given a point, P(x,y), find the distance from this point to a linear line. INPUTS: x, y, A, B, C OUTPUTS: d, the distance ...

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Euclidean inter-point distance matrix
The Euclidean distance between two points in a p-dimensional space is a really common thing to compute in the field of computati...

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inner product of two vectors
inner product of two vectors

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How to compare the output of PCA analysis?

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Pairwise difference between values of a vector
Nowadays, dv = abs(v-v') returns the absolute pairwise differences.

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