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Simpler MEX Multi-Threading w/ a Persistent Thread Pool
Further speed up your MEX files by making it easier to add in support for multi-threading and eliminate multi-threading overhead...

7 meses ago | 5 downloads |


Perfectly Matched Layer for a Standard Wave Equation
Absorbing boundary conditions, not for solving Maxwell's Equations, but for a standard wave equation, e.g. for use with potentia...

más de 1 año ago | 5 downloads |


Solving 1D, Time-Dependent Quantum Systems
Small application that solves basic one-dimensional, time-dependent quantum systems.

casi 2 años ago | 5 downloads |


General MEX Implementation of Thomas' Algorithm
MEX (C/C++) Implementation of Thomas Algorithm (or Tridiagonal Matrix Algorithm) for real and complex data.

casi 2 años ago | 2 downloads |


ScrabbleCheater: One practical application of MATLAB
Is linear algebra bumming you out? Use this simple script to beat English majors at Scrabble.

casi 3 años ago | 1 download |


Multi-Threading w/ MEX: Adding Two Vectors
A basic MEX function that adds two vectors together, but utilizes multiple threads. Created as a way to learn MEX multi-threadi...

casi 3 años ago | 1 download |