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Started my studying in Mechanical Engineering (BSc) and Mechatronics (MSc). But always had a passion for Programming I write codes professionally in MATLAB, C#, C/C++, Python

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Python, C++, C, C#, MATLAB, SQL, HTML, CSS, Arduino, Visual Basic
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How to use Timer Callback in App Designer?
In App Designer: In Properties section, define a Variable to hold time object: properties (Access = public) MyTim...

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How to convert a data Table from .mat to .csv
In matlab, to write a table to a csv file, use: load('YourTableData.mat') writetable(YourTableData, 'FileName.csv')

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Is there a built-in way to build a GET url in Matlab from a set of parameters?
Yes, there is! To create a URI query string form structure variable (or some other types): % Define your query Data as a struc...

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Assign values to a structure using App designer
Simply just use str2double function: BC.theta_res = str2double(app.theta_resEditField_3.Value);

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How can I use Structures array the App Designer Properties?
To define a structure variable as a public Propertey in the App Designer, use struct function: properties (Access = public...

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How do i convert decimal to hexadecimal for floating points
You can simply write your own floating point to hex converter, like the following: x = 5329.675; % Floating point number ...

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