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Import, Export, and Visualization

Read, visualize, and write STL files and MSI planet antenna files, measure pattern data in 2D and 3D, create interactive polar plots

MSI planet antenna files contain antenna radiation patterns in ASCII text format. Using Antenna Toolbox™ functions, you can read and write data from MSI planet antenna files. You can also extract antenna data from CSV files and plot the radiation patterns and EM fields. To learn how to read, visualize, and write data from MSI planet antenna files see Read, Visualize and Write MSI Planet Antenna Files.


polarpatternInteractive plot of radiation patterns in polar format


smithplotPlot measurement data on Smith chart
msireadRead MSI planet antenna file
msiwriteWrite data in MSI planet antenna file format
stlwriteWrite mesh to STL file
patternCustomPlot radiation pattern
patternFromSlicesReconstruct approximate 3-D radiation pattern from two orthogonal slices
PatternPlotOptionsCreates option list to customize 3-D radiation pattern for pattern overlay option
fieldsCustomPlot electric or magnetic fields of antenna


Interact with Polar Plot

This example shows how to interact with a polar plot created using polarpattern class.

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