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Calculate and plot convergence of FMM solver

Since R2021b



    convergence(hsolver) calculates and plots convergence of the fast multipole method (FMM) solver defined in hsolver. The function calculates the convergence over the iterations and relative residual specified in the hsolver object.


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    Design a default parabolic reflector antenna.

    m = reflectorParabolic;

    Set the solver type of the parabolic reflector antenna to FMM.

    m.SolverType = 'FMM';

    Calculate the impedance of the parabolic reflector antenna at 10 GHz.

    Z = impedance(m,10e9);

    Access the FMM solver and set the relative residual to 1e-3.

    s = solver(m);
    s.RelativeResidual = 1e-3;

    Calculate and plot the convergence of the FMM solver for the parabolic reflector antenna.


    Input Arguments

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    Fast multipole method (FMM) solver, specified as a solver object.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2021b