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Modeling Patterns

Simulink® modeling patterns for AUTOSAR software component behavior and structure

Simulink supports modeling patterns to flexibly model the structure and behavior of AUTOSAR software components.  To represent an AUTOSAR software component, Simulink creates blocks and connections, workspace or dictionary data, model parameters, and a mapped AUTOSAR configuration.  The AUTOSAR configuration describes the AUTOSAR component and provides a mapping between Simulink model elements and AUTOSAR component elements. To learn more about Simulink representation of AUTOSAR software components, interfaces, behavior, and data, begin with Model AUTOSAR Software Components.


Model AUTOSAR Elements

Model AUTOSAR Software Components

Model the structure and behavior of an AUTOSAR software component in a Simulink model.

Modeling Patterns for AUTOSAR Runnables

Use Simulink® models, subsystems, and functions to model AUTOSAR atomic software components and their runnable entities (runnables).

Model AUTOSAR Runnables Using Exported Functions

Use Simulink® exported functions to model AUTOSAR runnables.

Model AUTOSAR Communication

Model communication between AUTOSAR software components with AUTOSAR ports and interfaces.

Model AUTOSAR Component Behavior

Model the internal behavior of an AUTOSAR software component, including the behavior of runnables, events, and inter-runnable variables.

Model AUTOSAR Variants

Model variants that AUTOSAR software components use to enable or disable AUTOSAR interfaces or implementations in the execution path, based on defined conditions.

Model AUTOSAR Calibration Parameters and Lookup Tables

Model AUTOSAR calibration parameters and lookup tables, which support run-time tuning of the AUTOSAR application with measurement and calibration tools.

Model AUTOSAR Data Types

Model AUTOSAR data types for data elements, operation arguments, calibration parameters, measurement variables, and inter-runnable variables.

AUTOSAR Workflows

Workflows for AUTOSAR

Simulink originated and round-trip workflows for modeling AUTOSAR software components in Simulink.

Round-Trip Preservation of AUTOSAR XML File Structure and Element Information

Preservation of imported AUTOSAR XML file structure, elements, and UUIDs for ARXML export.

AUTOSAR Workflow Samples

Links to examples of key AUTOSAR design workflows.