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Get files required by specified project files



requiredfiles = listRequiredFiles(proj,files) returns the names of the project files that the specified files require to run.


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Open the Times Table App project. Use currentProject to create a project object.

proj = currentProject;

Get the files required by the Times Table app file.

file = "source/timestable.mlapp"
requiredfiles = listRequiredFiles(proj,file);
requiredfiles = 

  2×1 string array


Input Arguments

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Project, specified as a matlab.project.Project object. Use currentProject to create a project object from the currently loaded project.

Path of project files including file extensions, specified as a cell array of character vectors, a string array, or a ProjectFile object array. Specify files as absolute file paths or paths relative to the project root folder. The files must be within the project root folder.

Output Arguments

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Required project files, returned as a string array.

Version History

Introduced in R2019a