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Event Stream Processing

Read and write events, such as Kafka® events

When you install the Streaming Data Framework for MATLAB® Production Server™, you can:

  • Read and write event streams from an event streaming platform, such as Kafka.

  • Simulate the production environment for testing your streaming analytic algorithms. (Requires MATLAB Compiler SDK™)

  • Scale your streaming analytic algorithms by deploying them. (Requires MATLAB Production Server)

Install the Streaming Data Framework for MATLAB Production Server support package from the MATLAB Add-On Explorer. For information about installing add-ons, see Get and Manage Add-Ons (MATLAB).


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kafkaStreamCreate connection to event stream in Kafka topic
inMemoryStreamCreate connection to event stream hosted by MATLAB without schema processing applied
testStreamCreate connection to event stream hosted by MATLAB with schema processing applied

Basic Import and Export

readtimetableRead timetable from event stream
writetimetableWrite timetable to event stream
seekSet read position in event stream
previewPreview subset of events from event stream
identifyingNameEvent stream name

Import and Export Options

detectImportOptionsCreate import options based on event stream content
eventStreamImportOptionsCreate options for importing events from stream into MATLAB
ImportOptionsImport options for event stream
getvartypeData types used to export variables to stream
setvartypeSet data types used to import and export variables to stream
detectExportOptionsCreate export options based on event stream content
ExportOptionsExport options for event stream
readeventsRead raw events from Kafka stream without schema processing applied
flushReset read window boundaries
stopStop processing event streams from Kafka topic
createTopicCreate topic in Kafka cluster
deleteTopicRemove topic from Kafka cluster
loggederrorError information for Kafka stream operation
categoryListKafka stream provider property list
getProviderPropertiesKafka stream configuration property data
setProviderPropertiesSet properties specific to Kafka configuration
isPropertyDetermine if Kafka stream provider property is set
eventStreamProcessorApply stream analytic function to event stream
executeExecute event stream processing function on specific number of event windows
packagePackage stream processing function into deployable archive configured by EventStreamProcessor
seekSet position in event stream to begin processing events
startStart processing event streams using local test server
startServerStart local test server
stopStop processing event streams using local test server
stopServerShut down local test server
streamingDataCompilerPackage stream processing function into deployable archive


Process Event Streams

Test and Deploy Streaming Analytic Function


Obtain Kafka Event Stream Log Files

Locate event stream log files to help with debugging issues.