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Filters and Stubs

Coupled line, hairpin, and stepped-impedance low pass filters; radial stubs

Use the filter and stub objects and functions to create and visualize filters and stubs used in a printed circuit board (PCB).

RF and microwave filters are used to select or reject a particular band of frequencies in receivers, transmitters, and frequency synthesizers.

Radial stubs are used in antenna impedance matching circuits, frequency selective filters, and resonant circuits for UHF electronic oscillators and RF amplifiers.


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filterCoupledLineCreate coupled line filter in microstrip form (Since R2021b)
filterHairpinCreate hairpin filter in microstrip form (Since R2021b)
filterStepImpedanceLowPassCreate stepped impedance lowpass filter in microstrip form (Since R2021b)
filterComblineCreate combline filter in microstrip form (Since R2022b)
filterStubCreate stub filter in microstrip form (Since R2022b)
filterSpurlineCreate spurline bandstop filter in microstrip from (Since R2023a)
filterOpenLoopCreate open-loop band pass filter in microstrip form (Since R2023a)
filterInterdigitalCreate interdigital filter in microstrip from (Since R2023a)
SIWFilterCreate an SIW bandpass filter with split rings in microstrip form (Since R2023b)
measuredFilterRF filter circuit model extraction (Since R2024a)
stubRadialShuntCreate single- and double-radial stub shunt on X-Y plane (Since R2021b)


showDisplay PCB component structure or PCB shape (Since R2021b)
infoDisplay information about PCB component structure (Since R2021b)
pcbcascadeCreate new component using cascade operation (Since R2021b)
shapesExtract all metal layer shapes of PCB component (Since R2021b)