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Variable-Size Signal Basic Operations

This example shows how variable-size signals can be generated. It also illustrates some of the operations that can be applied to them. The purpose of this example is to introduce the basic operations associated with variable-size signals.

About This Example

The model contains several blocks that support variable-size signals.

Common ways of generating variable-size signals are:

  • Use a Switch block with a different size signal at each input port.

  • Use a Selector block and allow the size selection index to change over time.

Eighty blocks can operate with variable-size signals including the Gain block, the Sum block, the Math Function block, the Matrix Concatenate block, and the Bus Creator block. In addition, you can probe variable-size signals using the Width or the Probe block, display variable-size signals on Scope blocks, and save variable-size signals to the workspace using the To Workspace block.

For a complete list of blocks that support variable-size signals, see Simulink Block Support for Variable-Size Signals.