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Systems Engineering

Design and analyze system architecture using System Composer™ software

To model system architecture in the Simulink® environment, consider using System Composer and Requirements Toolbox™ software.

System Composer enables the specification and analysis of architectures for model-based systems engineering and software architecture modeling. Design an architecture model to be simulated in Simulink while allocating requirements using Requirements Toolbox.


  • Compose Architectures Visually (System Composer)

    Create architecture models using built-in model element types, such as components, ports, and connections.

  • Manage Requirements (System Composer)

    Manage, trace, and verify requirements using the Requirements Perspective and the Test Manager.

  • Use Stereotypes and Profiles (System Composer)

    Import profiles, apply stereotypes to model elements, and extend existing stereotypes.

  • Create Interfaces (System Composer)

    Specify data interfaces with data elements, and value types as interfaces.

  • Analyze Architecture (System Composer)

    Perform static analysis on a System Composer architecture to evaluate characteristics of the system.

  • Create Architecture Views Interactively (System Composer)

    View structural and functional model hierarchies interactively.

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