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Clase: LinearModel

Scatter plot or added variable plot of linear model


h = plot(mdl)


plot(mdl) creates a plot of the full, fitted linear model, mdl. The plot type depends on the number of predictor variables.

  • If there is just one predictor variable, plot creates a scatter plot of the data along with a fitted curve and confidence bounds.

  • If there are multiple predictor variables, plot creates an added variable plot.

  • If there are no predictors, plot creates a histogram of the residuals.

h = plot(mdl) returns handles to the lines in the plot.

Argumentos de entrada

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Full, fitted linear regression model, specified as a LinearModel object constructed using fitlm or stepwiselm.

Output Arguments

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Graphics handles, returned as a vector of graphics handles corresponding to the lines or patches in the plot.


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Create a model of car mileage as a function of weight and model year. Then create a plot to see the significance of the model.

Create a linear model of mileage from the carsmall data.

load carsmall
tbl = table(MPG,Weight);
tbl.Year = ordinal(Model_Year);
mdl = fitlm(tbl,'MPG ~ Year + Weight^2');

Create an added variable plot.


The plot illustrates that the model is significant because a horizontal line does not fit between the confidence bounds.

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Use plotAdded to select particular predictors for an added variable plot.

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