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Visualize text data and models using word clouds and text scatter plots

Text Analytics Toolbox™ provides algorithms and visualizations for preprocessing, analyzing, and modeling text data. Visualize large collections of text data using word frequency counts and LDA models using word clouds. Explore word embeddings using text scatter plots.


wordcloudCreate word cloud chart from text, bag-of-words model, bag-of-n-grams model, or LDA model
textscatter2-D scatter plot of text
textscatter33-D scatter plot of text
wordCloudCountsCount words for word cloud creation


TextScatter PropertiesControl text scatter chart appearance and behavior


Visualize Text Data Using Word Clouds

This example shows how to visualize text data using word clouds.

Visualize Word Embeddings Using Text Scatter Plots

This example shows how to visualize word embeddings using 2-D and 3-D t-SNE and text scatter plots.

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