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Propulsion, drivetrain, and transmission

Powertrain systems include propulsion, drivetrain, and transmission subsystems. To configure the drivetrain subsystem, you can use the limited slip or open differential blocks. The propulsion blocks include mapped motor, compression-ignition (CI) engine, and spark-ignition (SI) engine blocks. For the transmission subsystem, you can use the ideal fixed gear transmission block.


Active DifferentialSpur or planetary active differential gear
Limited Slip DifferentialLimited differential as a planetary bevel gear
Open DifferentialDifferential as a planetary bevel gear
Rotational InertiaIdeal mechanical rotational inertia
Split Torsional ComplianceSplit torsional coupler
Torsional ComplianceParallel spring-damper
Mapped MotorMapped motor and drive electronics operating in torque-control mode
Mapped CI EngineCompression-ignition engine model using lookup tables
Mapped SI EngineSpark-ignition engine model using lookup tables
Simple EngineSimplified engine model using lookup tables
Ideal Fixed Gear TransmissionIdeal fixed gear transmission without clutch or synchronization
Transfer CaseDifferential as a planetary bevel gear


Engine Calibration Maps

The Mapped CI Engine and Mapped SI Engine blocks models use calibration maps developed with the Model-Based Calibration Toolbox™ and measured engine performance data.

Read and Write Block Parameters to Excel

Read data and write Mapped SI Engine block parameters to an Excel® data file.