min/max/mean without matlab functions

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Dudy el 5 de En. de 2014
Comentada: Steven Lord el 28 de Feb. de 2023
Hi all. I need to write a code that will give me the min/max value of a certain random matrix(150X200), without the use of matlab built in functions. Can anyone assist me please?
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Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek el 5 de En. de 2014
What have you done so far?
Image Analyst
Image Analyst el 5 de En. de 2014
It's only like 10 lines of code? What sort of assistance do you want, that we can give without actually giving you the lines of code? Someone tagged it with for and if - yes, you'll need those. What other help can we give?

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Amith el 28 de Feb. de 2023
As per my understanding you wanted to know how to find min max and mean of the numbers in a random matrix without using built in functions. Below is the code for doing the same.
% Generate random matrix
rows = 150;
cols = 200;
matrix = rand(rows, cols);
% Initialize minimum and maximum values
min_val = matrix(1,1);
max_val = matrix(1,1);
mean_val = 0;
sum = 0;
% Iterate through matrix to find minimum and maximum values
for i = 1:rows
for j = 1:cols
if matrix(i,j) < min_val
min_val = matrix(i,j);
if matrix(i,j) > max_val
max_val = matrix(i,j);
sum = sum + matrix(i,j);
total = rows*cols;
mean_val = sum / total;
% Display results
fprintf('mean value of all the elements in the matrix is %f\n',mean_val);
fprintf('Minimum value: %f\n', min_val);
fprintf('Maximum value: %f\n', max_val);
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord el 28 de Feb. de 2023
By a strict reading of this question your code does not satisfy the requirements. The < and > operators are built-in functions, specifically lt, < and gt, >.

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