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How can I export figure as png?

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Tomas el 7 de Oct. de 2014
Comentada: Image Analyst el 22 de Oct. de 2023
I have the script which creates 3D figure. The only way to save it is
hgsave(graph, [input, output, '\', string{i + 8}, '.png'],'-v7.3');
I tried different ways to save it as png and all failed. It stores only axis.
print(graph,'-dpng',[input,output,'\',string{i +8},'.png']);
saveas(graph, [input, output, '\', string{i + 8}], 'png');
hgexport(graph, [input, output, '\', string{i + 8}, '.png'], hgexport('factorystyle'), 'Format', 'png');

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Wouter el 7 de Oct. de 2014
Best option is to use the export_fig function from the file exchange. It actually works out of the box and intuitively (not like the annoying builtin saveas function)
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Shaukat el 22 de Oct. de 2023
i have some issues to save figure .it shows some errors as below
I have some problem in my installed Matlab. can you send me any proper person link to guide me for this issue. When i am going to save my figures, its show some errors, even i have installed Mapping toolbox.
Below , i attached error shows my Matlab,
Warning: Probably because you do not have Mapping Toolbox, getar was performed by an approximative method.
> In getar (line 24)
In setar_ll (line 14)
In run_inversion_3flt_pso (line 154)
Error using printopt
Too many input arguments.
Error in

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Julia el 7 de Oct. de 2014
Editada: Julia el 7 de Oct. de 2014
I create a figure and save it with the follwoing command:
saveas(gcf, [input, output, '\', string{i + 8}], 'png');
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Tomas el 7 de Oct. de 2014
All I tried didn't work. Even if I select Save as from figure menu it still save only the axis.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst el 7 de Oct. de 2014

Michael Haderlein
Michael Haderlein el 7 de Oct. de 2014
Editada: Michael Haderlein el 7 de Oct. de 2014
Did you try another renderer? I can't really explain a lot about it, but I think I once had a similar problem (though everything was black in my case) and choosing another renderer has fixed the case.
In case neither this nor the other suggestions work: I feel a bit embarrassed to mention it here, but once I was desperate enough to simply make a screenshot and save this. In case none of the solutions here works, this will for sure.


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