How to import data from MATLAB into Excel, and then have Excel save the data

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Hi everyone,
I have extracted some features from images and they can be seen in the command window. There are too many blob information which needs to be saved in excel file from MATLAB command window.
Could anyone please help me how to save them in a excel file or text file automatically so that it can be used later on rather than running the process to see the values over and over unless I save them manually by copying and pasting them in text file / excel file.
Any help will be appreciated.

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Julia on 12 Feb 2015
there exists the command
Does this suit your purpose?
Vito on 15 Feb 2015
The images do not, but the problem is clear. Excel is not suitable. As an example, monitoring Facebook.
% insert data
exdata = []; % dataset
conn = database('facebook', '', '');
colnames = {'a', 'd'}
fastinsert(conn, 'RELATION', colnames, exdata)
% get data
conn = database('facebook', '', '');
curs = exec(conn,['SELECT * From RELATION']);
Create your database and get or set data.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 12 Feb 2015
Edited: Image Analyst on 12 Feb 2015
See my Excel demo. It uses ActiveX and will be a lot faster than xlswrite if you need to make multiple writes.
Another option is you could put your data into a table (if you have R2013b or later) and then call writetable().

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Md Iqbal
Md Iqbal on 16 Oct 2020
How to save data from matlab GUI edit text box to excel

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